Sunday 13 May : Workshop: The Magic of the Vinyasa Count

Workshop: The Magic of the Vinyasa Count

Time   10:00 - 12:00
Teacher   Maxi
Location   The Shala
The Ashtanga Yoga method consists of a sequence of poses that are joined together intelligently. The vinyasa count is a very essential ingredient herein, a tool to foster more space & meditative focus in practice.
Being able to use this key ingredient of practice enables a deeper understanding of each asana, of practice, of yourself while allowing for a visceral experience on how everything is interrelated, not just in practice...

This workshop Maxi will teach you the tools to apply the vinyasa count in your own practice all to harness more focus & space in your practice. We will also explore and discuss the benefits of and the philosophy behind the vinyasa count.

About a week prior to this workshop you will receive complementary material to prepare for the workshop, so you can make the most of it. Don't worry there is not much to do, but there is a little homework :) all to make the workshop better for you! :)

Suitable for all levels of ashtanga practitioners.